Elisel d'Ivant (elisel) wrote in spinebenders,
Elisel d'Ivant

Crossposted from my main LJ

...but worth sharing:

I'd intended to finish a take-home exam by Friday so I could relax this weekend, but my good intentions fell prey to procrastination.... and The Hallowed Hunt, by one of my favorite authors, Lois McMaster Bujold. (I always forget she's one of my favorite authors, but then when I look at a list of her books, I realize that I've read just about everything she's published. Which I think probably makes her one of my favorite authors.) It's a damn good book -- and not at all the bodice-ripper that the dubious summary under the link seems to imply. I highly recommend it, along with its siblings, The Curse of Chalion and Paladin of Souls. Bujold has mastered the trick of setting multiple stories in the same universe without fixating -- or making her readers fixate -- on one time period, group of characters, or country. Sometimes there are character cameos, and Chalion and Paladin do have a lot of crossover between them, but the books still stand alone very well.
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