Relia (neherenia) wrote in spinebenders,

Alex Garland - The Coma

Title: The Coma

Author(s): Alex Garland

Genre: Fiction

Subject: The story of a man in a coma, trying to get out.

Reader's Notes: This is a very short book, and I recommend it immensely.  Actually, I read it about six months ago, and forgot to make a post about it, but here you go.  The thing that I really loved about it was how BELIEVABLE I thought it was -- it honestly read like someone's dream sequence.  I bought it utterly.  And it was so slickly done, including the gorgeous block-print illustrations between chapters that are black on one side and faded gray on the other, like a dream that really does smear into itself.  This book is awesome, and such a quick read -- I think I read it in a total of two hours. 
Tags: fiction
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