Sunni (lysianna) wrote in spinebenders,

Empathy for the Devil?

So I was just wondering from all you avid readers out there... how often do you empathize (or at least identify on some level) with the characters you read about?

Usually, this is not a problem for me. Give me a hero, I can understand how he feels about the problem at hand. A villain? I can understand why he might be upset with the world after what he's been through. But one of the last novels I read? Could not identify with the main character at all, and finished with a feeling of being cheated, somehow. I was just wondering if this happens to you a lot?
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Yes, definitely! I pride myself on finishing every novel I start, but there are some times, with some novels, where I just can't get into the book at all, and am unmotivated to finish it. I hate the feeling that I get when I DO finish one of those books, where it seems so unsatisfying that I need something like, say, The Three Musketeers to restore my faith in fiction, or whatever. XD
I know how you feel. For myself, if I don't empathize at least a little with the character(s), I wind up disliking the book intensely. Sometimes - not often - I don't finish it at all.

I've also finished a few books that I couldn't put down - but not because they were good. There's definitely such a thing as a book trainwreck: morbid curiosity prevents you from being able to turn away.
I have experienced the latter, but it was mostly because in the midst of the crap there was a choaracter or a concept that just really fascinated me. I find that very interesting characters that I can feel very strongly about can save otherwise awful books from my library-donation box.