Ru (peppermintberry) wrote in spinebenders,

Request from the Studio Audience!

Okay, having finally finished the book series I've been working on for like, the past year or so, I need to dig into my bottomless pit of things on my reading list and bring up something new to read. Problem is, I don't know what to pick. So, I come to you, gentle readers, to ask you, what from my reading list should I dive into next? I've narrowed down the possibility to several choices(since I have no particular order in which I'm going), so I guess I'll list them here, and if anyone has anything they would want to recommend, or something looks interesting and want me to read it and let you know if it's worth reading, lemme know! <3 <3

So we've got as possiblities:
--The Green-Sky Series, by Zilpha Keatley Snyder: An old trilogy I started way way way back when and never finished. Had to go used book store hopping to find them. ^^;
--The Myst books: Stories set in the realm of the Myst computer game. Yay for backstory!
--The Chronicles of Narnia
--Something from the stack o' books I got from a guy who went to the local annual library book sale and picked up more than he could handle. There's a couple interesting possiblities in here, including something called "The Getaway Special" by Jerry Olton, which apparently includes smart butterflies and grumpy trees, and something called "Death Day" by William C. Dietz. I can't quite figure out what book's about, since it didn't come with a cover, but it seemed intriguing. Also got something called "The Roads of Heaven" by Melissa Scott, which, by the look of the cover and the book description, looks like it's gonna be something akin to a trashy romance novel, but IN SPACE!! Always fun.

So what should I read next? <3 <3
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