Shipwrecked Fathoms Below (scrapyard) wrote in spinebenders,
Shipwrecked Fathoms Below

So I'm curious.

So, kids, I have made no more progress on Peter and the Starcatchers than I had back when this merry band of outlaws strung ourselves together, and the reason is very simple.

I am afraid. I love the original so much that I am simply terribly, terribly afraid that I will be disappointed, and it keeps stunting my efforts to read this book, which I have no reason to believe will be bad. Not the original, certainly, but lord, I made it through Susan Kay's overly effusive Phantom, which I found too many parts Lloyd Webber and not enough parts Leroux.

My question to y'all is: have you ever encountered books like this, books that you were afraid to read despite any overpowering evidence that said book would be a bad idea? If so, why were you afraid?

Inquiring Alis want to know.
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